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All you need to know

December 31, 2013

For the diagnosis:


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  1. Conduction over a slow pathway given the prolonged PRi with a jump to the fast pathway initiating runs of AVNRT (ECG#1, PRi at initial less than PRi during all prior beats)? Although the pseudo-STE in aVR makes me think AVRT.

    Neat strips!

    • AVNRT.
      – Narrow complex tachycardia
      – in Image #1 – P wave is negative in inferior leads; arrhythmia ends on an A. Rules out atrial tachycardia
      – in Image #2 – Arrhythmia initiates with more As than Vs. This rules out AVRT, and concealed NV

      Ablated slow pathway and arrhythmia was non-inducible thereafter.

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